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A Time Capsule

Monday 24 April, 2017

Running The Poor School has taken all my time. For over 11,000 days my pre-occupation has been how many times the phone will ring, what the post will bring, will nice surprises today outnumber nasty shocks? Now that the school is closing in 15 months this obsessional and possibly unhealthy mode of living is easing. Things I have been dimly aware of come into focus.

For example, in order to leave the country I have to run the gauntlet of several angry, shouting, clattering men and women who slam boxes containing my belongings onto moving platforms, point aggressively at me, demand I do this or that, and who rifle through my private possessions whilst loudly discoursing with their colleagues on unrelated subjects.

leaving gatwick

They finger my 61 year old medications, including Valium and Viagra, with eyebrows raised. I want to say: “It’s ok, I don’t take them both at once” but instinct suggests such a comment may result in a three hour wait in a windowless room, the missing of a flight and the waste of a trip.

Who hires these people? What qualifications are needed? I have been unable to find out. Does anyone know? They need to be stupid enough to think that rage and haste are good things, although anyone with an ounce of life experience knows those characteristics make things take longer. A fundamental personality inadequacy is a pre-requisite, since they confuse temporary and necessary duty involving certain powers with a sense that they are actually superior beings and thus entitled to behave towards us with contempt, to belittle us, to act as though, by our presence, we are spoiling their day and should be made to pay.

It has been pointed out by other commentators that we discover what the State actually thinks of us in situations like this, and that it would treat us like this the whole time if it could. I agree, and also feel that the situation will inexorably worsen until there is meaningful revolt. If we don't do something things will get worse. And worse.

A small amount of leadership would change everything. Other countries do it. Passing through Security in the United States is a different experience and in Israel they search everything, often more than once; they are polite, apologetic, they smile, they don’t rush, they treat everyone, including Arab travellers, the same.

home office

Why is there no mass protest? This bullying abuse is regularly served up to many millions of people, all of whom resent it deeply. That seems like a good base. Might we storm the Home Office and refuse to leave until policy changes? Whoever decides to organise this, let me know.

In the meantime I have a practical part-solution. Make all operatives who come into contact with the public in and around Security wear a 3 or 4 digit number. When one of us feels badly treated we can report the number to the Home Office quoting the date and time, thus identifying the individual. The details don't matter. The Home Office will not have to investigate each complaint, just add them up, identify those about whom a lot of complaints are received, observe and possibly take action. It is not therefore necessary for a passenger to make a fuss or comment at the time and risk missing their flight or worse. What could be simpler? I will be suggesting this to The Home Office and will report back. Don't hold your breath.

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The Quality of Mercy...

Monday 24 April, 2017

A class goes in the direction it needs to. This one was almost entirely given to an understanding of the text. A very good actress wasn't quite on top of it. Interpretation would have been next...

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